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    Remote Learning has begun.

    Below is the link for our Google Classroom page for both of my Spanish 2 classes.  

    Please make sure you click on the correct period your child has class.

    Here you can see the dates and directions for each day the assignments are posted under the <Stream> tab.

    Also, you can check to see if the assignment has been turned in or if it is still pending under the <Classwork> tab.

    I am here to help in any way I can.  mverderrosa@jacksonsd.org

    Ms. Dusko, our In Class Support Teacher, is also available at cdusko@jacksonsd.org.


Course Description

  • Parque Guell

    During the second level of Spanish, students demonstrate greater fluency and improved pronunciation.  Students show a greater ability to comprehend, speak, write, and read Spanish that is presented in a more complex manner.  They learn the preterit tenses of verbs, intermediate grammatical concepts, and additional core vocabulary.  Increased emphasis is placed on reading and writing, but listening and speaking are still the primary concerns.  This class is conducted primarily in Spanish.

Course Requirements

  • Please be sure to join our Spanish 2 Google Classroom for further assignments and announcements.