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June Principal's Message 2024

Dear Holman Families:


I want to thank all of the Holman community during this school year.  It has been a pleasure working with the staff, students, and parents throughout the year.  I would also like to thank H.O.P.E for all of their support and contributions to our school.  Next year, I hope that even more parents become active members in this organization. As we approach the final days of the school year and begin the summer months ahead, I encourage you to continue to read with your child each evening.  Time spent reading with young learners has amazing effects on students’ educational success. Please continue to encourage your child to read. I also encourage you to practice addition/subtraction/multiplication/division math facts with your child to help strengthen math skills over the summer.  Have a safe and relaxing summer!



Do you want your child to beat the summer slide and be ready for September?

Holman will, once again, offer Grade Level Summer Review Google Classrooms.  Teachers have worked very hard to create assignments that will help students review grade level concepts and help to prepare them for the next academic year.  Students will be introduced to these Google Classrooms toward the end of this school year prior to leaving for the summer.  In addition, a summer workbook and letter will be going home with every student to practice and review topics that they learned during the school year.  I encourage you to work on these review items with your child throughout the summer to help prepare them for the upcoming school year.



Media Center - Library Books

All students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth are asked  to return all borrowed library books as soon as possible.



Chromebook Repairs and Fines

Any student who needs a Chromebook repaired or replaced MUST pay their fines prior to the end of the school year.  Letters went out and phone calls were made to parents regarding the amount of those fines.



Items from Home

Students may not bring “tradable items”, such as slime, baseball cards, Pokémon cards, action figures, My Little Ponies, collectible stickers, etc. to Holman School.  All of these items must be left at home.  Thank you very much for your assistance and support with this important matter.  In addition, cell phones MAY NOT be used during school hours.  Students using their cell phones during the school day will have them taken to the main office to have them picked up by a parent or guardian.



5th Grade Fun Day

Our Fifth Grade Fun Day will be on Friday, June 7th (weather permitting).  I would like to outline some guidelines to make the day safe, efficient and fun for all.  

  • Visitors (parents, guardians, high school siblings) are NOT PERMITTED to participate in the 2024 Fifth Grade Fun Day. This day is for students only (with the exception of volunteers that have signed up).

  • Fifth Grade Fun Day will begin promptly at 11:00 am and end around 3:10 pm., at which time your child will return to their homeroom and be dismissed from school.  A complimentary lunch will be provided by HOPE.  If your child(ren) does not wish to participate in this complimentary lunch, they may bring in lunch from home.

  • Students should wear sneakers, bring a towel to sit on, and bring water to drink.  Sunscreen should be applied at home prior to the event.



Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony

The day is quickly approaching when our 5th Grade Students will celebrate their moving up to Middle School. The celebration will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11th.  Parents/Guardians will be invited to attend this special program; however, space is limited to only two (2) guests per student.  Younger Holman siblings will not be pulled out of their classroom to attend the ceremony.  Tickets will be forthcoming.  Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that the day runs smoothly:

  • Please make sure your child arrives at school on time.

  • Please make sure your child/children adhere to the district dress code policy for this special day.

  • Please bring the designated ticket with you to the ceremony.  The ticket holder and guest must have a valid picture identification to enter the building.  No exceptions.

  • Parents/Guardians will not be allowed in the building before 9:40 a.m.

  • Please enter and exit the school through the gym lobby doors only.  Do not go to the main entrance.

  • If you wish to sign your 5th grade student out after the ceremony, it may be done after the ceremony outside by the gym lobby doors. 

  • Click here to see the letter that is going home with your child regarding the event.

Congratulations to all of our fifth grade students.  We wish them well as they continue their academic journey to McAuliffe Middle School.



Are you moving?

Whether it’s down the block, across town in Jackson, or to a completely different state, if you are moving, please make sure that you call (732) 415-7004 and speak to Mrs. Mireya Espinosa to update your records or have your files transferred.



Kindergarten Registration 

Attention all Preschool parents:  You do not need to fill out the online registration forms that you completed when you registered for Preschool. However, you DO need to call and make a registration appointment with Mrs. Lynn Goldblatt in the main office (732-833-4620) to update/prove current residency:

  • Submit a new physical examination form;

  • Submit a new dental examination form;

  • Show proof of 5-year-old immunizations (if your child is not yet five, you will submit these after they reach the age of 5);

  • Re-submit three proofs of residency for review.


For parents whose children do not attend Preschool:  Kindergarten Registration in the Jackson School District will take place by appointment only.  Registration packets are available online and in all elementary schools.  We encourage all parents to pre-register online to save time and streamline the registration process at the time of your appointment.   It is incredibly important that parents register during this period so we can plan ahead for the next school year. If you are a parent of an incoming kindergarten student, we kindly ask that you make every effort to register your child as soon as possible.  

All information will be available on the Registration Page on the district website. 

Please call (732) 415-7004 and speak to Mrs. Mireya Espinosa to schedule an appointment to register your child for Kindergarten.


Student Dress Code

It is starting to become that time of the year when the warm breezes are blowing and we can soon begin to wear summer clothing.  With that said…..It is also time to review dress codes with students, especially the excerpt regarding NO FLIP-FLOPS or OPEN TOED Shoes.  We have seen several violations which, as you know, can be a real hazard.  Please see the excerpt from the student handbook below. If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office.

Restrictions on freedom of students’ dress will be imposed whenever the code of dress in question is unsafe either for the student or for those around him/her or whenever it is disruptive to school operations and the educational process in general.  Specifically:

  1. Students will not wear hats, caps, or other head coverings in the building.

  2. No clothing, jewelry, or item that promotes violence, bigotry, profanity or use of a restricted substance, and/or otherwise deemed inappropriate, or interferes with the instructional setting.

  3. Jewelry and clothing should not restrict movement, be distracting or cause a safety hazard to oneself or others.

  4. No micro-mini shorts or skirts will be permitted.  Skirts/shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh in length.

  5. No boxers, spandex shorts or cutoff shorts will be worn.

  6. No torn or tattered clothing.

  7. All students must wear shoes at all times for safety and health reasons.  No flip-flops or open-toed footwear are allowed.

  8. Students should not wear outer clothing in the building.

  9. All shirts should cover students’ shoulders, backs and come down to the waistline.

  10. Tank tops and backless shirts are not permitted.


On Wednesday, June 26th, the Board of Education Meeting will be held at 6:00 pm in the Fine Arts Auditorium at JMHS.



Don't forget.....


June 13th, 14th, 17th, and 18th will be shortened days.  All students will be dismissed from school at 1:40pm during these shortened days.  June 18th is the last day of school. Report Cards will be available on the Portal for parents on JUNE 20th.


Have a safe and enjoyable summer!



Rich Karas

Principal, Holman Elementary