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    Hello 2nd Grade Friends,

    Wow! How is it the end of the school year already? I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for all of the laughs, memories and for all of your hard work during remote learning. This was something none of us ever expected or anticipated being reality. You truly were a special class and each of you will be missed tremendously! It saddens me to send you to third grade virtually, but please know I am extremely proud of you! Your classrooms will all be close by next year so I expect to see your smiling faces as much as possible. I hope you have a safe and fun-filled summer with friends and family. I’m only an email away if you ever need ANYTHING. One last thing...always remember to “Try Your _____!” :)
    Mrs. Polhemus

    September clipart 3
    The first day of School is Thursday, September 3rd! 

    Here are some great resources students can utilize while home: