• Directions for Accessing e-books (electronic books) from the Destiny Discover website:

    1. Click here to get to the Destiny Main Website.

    2. On the blue and white Destiny webpage, click on the blue letters for "Holman Elementary School."

    3. On the left side of the Holman Destiny website, click on the words "Destiny Discover."

    4. Now you are in the Destiny Discover ebook program.  In the upper right corner, click on the blue bar where it says "Log In."

    5. On the log-in screen, enter your student identification number (also called your "lunch number" or your "library card number") for both your Username and your Password. DIGITS ONLY-- NO LETTERS or SYMBOLS.

    6. When you are successfully logged in, you can browse around or search for a book, and then click on the blue button to OPEN the book.  When you are done, you can CLOSE the book in the black bar at the top of the book's screen.  Remember to look for the "e" icon to know if the book is an ebook-- if you see a red book cover icon, the book is not an ebook, it is a paper-pages book.

     ***(If you try to open an ebook and when it is loading a window pops up asking to "Allow" or "Block"-- click on "ALLOW" and the ebook should completely load on your device.)

    ANY PROBLEMS, please email me at jschadl@jacksonsd.org

    Happy Reading!