• June 1, 2020          

     -Happy June!!!  I can't believe school is almost finished and my wonderful AM and PM classes made it through remote learning!! I am so proud of you!

    -Last day of remote learning will be June 12th...just 2 more weeks!!  Please make sure you attend our group meets on June 12th.  We will have a little "Moving Up" celebration honoring all the kiddos.  I will also be presenting them with a surprise and some follow up information.  Please attend as if we were celebrating at school! It will be our last chance to see everyone!!

    -today we will conduct another experiment!  Please have a ziploc baggie, some sharpened pencils, a crayon, and 2 index cards or 2 small pieces of paper ready to go!

    -FYI - next week for those of you that have individual meets on Tuesdays with me, I will be doing them on Wednesday instead.  Therefore, there will be no group meet next Wednesday, June 3rd.  Tuesday I will not be meeting at all.  I am taking a personal day! Sorry for any confusion!!

    -the lessons for this week are attached.  When you open them, you will only see the days of the week. Use the arrow to scroll to view the lessons plans. Please try to keep up with as much as you can!


     Once again, thank you for all your hard work and cooperation during this struggling time.  My parents and students are the BEST!!


    And remember...I miss you and think of you everyday!!!



      heart  Ms. Tina