Letters this week:   v, w

    Letters previously learned:  t, b, f, m, n, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, l, h, k

    This year we will be using a program called Fundations to introduce our letters and sounds.  Fundations® is a multisensory and systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program.  

    The key features include:

    • Thoroughly teaches the foundational skills, and significantly supports the reading, writing, and language standards, found in  states’ rigorous college- and career-ready standards.
    • Presents the following concepts and skills in a cumulative manner from Unit to Unit and year to year:  
      • Letter formation
      • Phonological and phonemic awareness
      • Sound mastery
      • Phonics, word study, and advanced word study
      • Irregular (trick) word instruction
      • Vocabulary
      • Fluency 
      • Comprehension strategies 
      • Written composition (spelling and handwriting)
    • Integrates skill instruction so that a daily lesson teaches and then reinforces corresponding skills.
    • Scaffolds learning while teaching all skills explicitly, sequentially, and systematically.
    • Actively engages students in learning through the use of multisensory techniques, such as when teaching students sounds, their representative letters, and words with spelling options.
    • Provides multiple opportunities for skills practice and application to build mastery.
    • Monitors student learning through formative assessment tools built into the program.
    • Includes comprehensive and teacher-friendly materials to facilitate teachers’ use of the program and promote student motivation. 
    • Guides teachers on how to meet individual student needs by differentiating instruction.
    • Supports teachers through the online Wilson Learning Community, offering clear demonstrations of each teaching activity type used in the program.
    • Helps teachers achieve many of the requirements of state, local, and professional standards. 
    • Encourages parental involvement through the use of the Fundations Home Support Packet.