• Spanish 2 Honors

    Descubre 1: Units 6-9

    Descubre 2: Units  1-2



    Clothing & Shopping


    Daily Routines

    Food & Restaurant

    Parties, Celebrations, Stages of Life & Personal Relationships

    Parts of the body, health, illness & medical

    Technology, electronics, modes of communication, Internet & cars and their accessories



    Adjective Agreement

    Negotiating & Buying

    Saber & Conocer

    Indirect Object Pronouns

    Preterit Tense of Regular Verbs 

    Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

    Reflexive Verbs 

    Adverbs of Time

    Indefinite and Negative Words 

    Ser and Ir 

    Verbs like gustar 

    Prerite stem-changing verbs 

    Double object pronouns

    Irregular Preterit 

    Verbs that chang meaning in the preterit 

    Use of que? and cual?

    Pronouns after prepositions

    Imperfect Tense 

    Impersonal se expressions

    Se for unplanned events 

    Adverbs with -mente

    Common adverbs and adverbial expressions

    Simple past tense 

    Familiar tu commands

    Por and Para 

    Reciprocal Reflexive Verbs 

    Stressed Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

    Giving Instructions in an email



    Open-air Markets

    Venezuelan Clothing Designer: Carolina Herrera 

    How to report an interview

    Spanish Department Stores 

    Cultura, geographic, enconomic and historical information about Cuba

    la siesta



    Sancor Seguros

    Cultural, geographic, economic and historical information about Cuba

    Foods native to the Americas

    Spanish Chef: Ferran Adria

    Sopas Roa- Columbian Brand of Soups 

    Latin Food in the U.S. 

    Cultural, geographic, economic and historical information about Guatemala

    Semana Santa 

    Vina del Mar

    las Fiestas Patrias & other celebrations in Chile

    las fiestas de la calles de San Sebastian in San Juan, Puerto Rico 

    Cultural , geographic, economic and historical information about Chile 

    Healers & Shamans 

    Strepsils- a throat lozenge 

    Hospitals in Argentina 

    Cultural, geographic, economic information about Costa Rica 

    Cell phone use in Spanish-speaking countries 

    Davivienda- Colombian Bank

    Technology in Peru

    Cultural, historical, economic and geographic information about Argentina