• Grading Policy:

    50% Assessments (test, quizzes, projects, oral presentations, etc.)

    30% Participation (assignments can be denoted as participation especially if time is given in class, it is not limited to handraising and question answering)

    20% Homework (all must be completed and submitted the day it is due to be assigned or NO CREDIT will be allocated! Homework is essential to practicing the implemenation of a concept. Just like in any sport you can only improve with practice and conditioning)


    PBA GRADE (Participation, Behavior & Attendance): Each week students will be given a PBA Grade, under the designation of Participation, that exemplifies their overall performance in class each day. 



    District Grading: 

    -Minimum grade = 45%

    -Grading Scale: 

    90-100    A

    80-89      B

    70-79      C

    65-69      D

    Below 65  F

    -Final Exam Exeptions: if student earns a 93% or higher for all 3 marking periods the student may opt out of the final. If they opt out their final exam grade will be the average of all three marking periods. 


    Assignments when absent: Please note you have 1 Day to complete an assignment assigned on the day of your absence. It is your responsibility to find out each item assigned and its due date. There are numerous resources that you can get that information from ie: Genesis, Google Classroom, Teacher, etc. Be accountable!!



    In order to ensure understanding and ensure progression in lessons, assessments will occur within three days from a new concept being taught and implemented. Furthermore, homework is a DAILY assignment. Very rarely you will be homework free!