• Please note I have high expecations for ALL of you and I will consistently push you to achieve your best. Please find below a list of Do's and Don't's for our classroom.

    1. Please arrive on time to class

    1st late = warning

    2nd-3rd lates = teacher detention

    4th+ lates= Write up and possible Withdrawl of Credit from course 

    2. Please be on task immediately and stay on task. There will be some down time to socialize or take a break but that is on my cue. Know the time and place for things.

    3. Come prepared: pen/pencil, notebook/paper/binder, TEXTBOOK (unless told otherwise), Workbook (Cuaderno), etc.

    4. Please keep the classroom neat and organized. How and where you find it is where you put it!

    5. Just try, I am not looking for a fluent Spanish student. I am simply looking for an individual willing to go outside their comfort zone, embrace a new language and try their hardest.

    6. Do NOT give up! Whenever you feel defeated take a step back and a deep breath then attack it again head on. Feel comfortable with asking questions or for help.

    7. Be attentive. About 98% of what I say is important so please stay on task and be attentive. I am here to teach you, guide you and most importantly support you. What I am teaching is for your benefit to set you up for success. If am writing on the board then you are writing in your notebook.

    8. Be respectful of one another. "Somos Familia" and like any family we may not all see eye to eye but no matter what we have eachother's backs. Words of encouragement, a helping hand and teamwork should be your goal.

    9. Be open to new experiences, norms and cultures.

    10. Come in with a positive attitude each day and have fun while learning!

    11. Do not use a translator! It is cheating and no one benefits from it. Any use of translator will result in an automatic 0 on assignment.

    12. A grade of 0 will be allocated to all incomplete assignments!

    13. Electronic devices of any sort are prohibited in the classroom unless teacher permission is given. 

    12. Always be honest, authentic, transparent and accountable.

    13.  You get a day for day for missed work during an absence. 

    14. Take owership of your learning!