The World Language Department offers courses with two goals: to communicate at basic literacy level in a language other than English and to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship between language and culture. The program is designed to build language proficiency through a sequence of courses in French, German and Spanish. Currently, all students must earn ten credits in the sequential study of one language to be eligible for graduation. Student are strongly encouraged to complete as many years of language sequence as possible and to take the opportunity to study more than one language.


    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish II and/or Honors Spanish II



    Oral and written drills provide use of grammatical patterns within meaningful context. The student expands vocabulary and increases his ability of self expression in the target language. More emphasis is placed on reading and writing, while listening and speaking are still the primary concern and language infusion is implemented through classroom instruction. Increased language infusion is implemented within this course.


    Curriculum & Pacing:

    Please access Rubicon Atlas, our online resource that gives you insight to the pacing of each course as well as the curriculum covered.