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Virtual Field Trip


All-Star Virtual Field Trip: STEM Careers in the NBA

There’s nothing more exciting than going to an NBA game… but have you ever considered what it takes to bring that experience to life? Join Discovery Education and the NBA for a Virtual Field Trip to the 2019 All-Star Game. This exciting 30-minute program will give students a glimpse behind the scenes and help them learn how NBA staff use STEM skills in their work each and every day!

NBA STEM Careers Virtual Field Trip

Careers That Count: A Virtual Field Trip with the NBA

Join Discovery Education and Jr. NBA for a virtual field trip to the NBA headquarters, Madison Square Garden, and Madison Square Boys and Girls Club in New York for an inside look at how math is brought to life through careers in basketball. Meet NBA basketball players and staff who use math every day to improve the game both on and off the court. 

Careers That Count with the NBA Virtual Field Trip


NBA STORYTELLERS: An All-Star Virtual Field Trip

Stories have been used throughout history to help us connect, share, and understand the world we live in. Today, stories are told on an unprecedented scale, with images, videos, data, and social media reaching audiences across the globe. These stories connect people in ways never before possible, and evolving technology has given rise to new and exciting careers in storytelling. Join Discovery Education and the Jr. NBA for an exclusive NBA Storytellers All-Star Virtual Field Trip and meet the people who are sharing professional basketball’s most compelling narratives—from its powerful history, to its exciting present, to its inspiring future.

 NBA Storytellers Companion Guide

 NBA Storytellers