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    Hello club members! I know how disappointed everyone is that our performance of Mary Poppins Jr. had to be cancelled this year, and we lost our B'way trip and J.I.T.S. celebration. Obviously ours and our families' health comes before a play, but I understand the mixed feelings. A number of teachers and district administrators have reached out to say how sorry they were that we didn't get to perform. I just wanted to tell how proud I am of all the work you put in. I know it seems like it was all this hard work for nothing, but that's not true. Many of you learned confidence in speaking in front of groups, learned the satisfaction of not simply getting a job done, but getting it done perfectly. (That's why we ask you to say a line over and over until the right emotion is portrayed.) You have learned how to work independently and cooperatively, and of course, how to be adaptable and flexible with your time. I could go on like this for a while but I'll stop there.

    To my eighth graders, many of you have been with me for three years and I just want to say THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I will miss you and will take great pride in hopefully seeing you on stage at Liberty or P.A.A. Also, a big thank you to Ryley and Sophia for their leadership as club officers. Besides your leadership you two kept me laughing at every rehearsal. It was something I looked forward to.

    I want to let everyone know that we don't go down without a fight. You know that I informed Mrs. Phillips of my intention to step down from my position as club advisor after this year. Well I can't go out with such an unsatisfying ending, so I will return next year to finish what we started. I have already started perusing scripts and will post something here when a decision is made. Please stay safe, don't take foolish chances and hopefully we are back together in September.

    I am scheduled to go to school in a week and put things away in preparation for next year. One of the things that is locked in my desk are checks and money, that I did not get a chance to deposit, for tickets to our show. Obviously I did not write down people's names as they bought tickets, so if you paid cash for a ticket, please email me so that we can arrange to get your money back to you. Thank you.



    New Twitter account! We have been asked to create a new twitter

    account for the club. Our account is simply @cmmsdrama.

    We will tweet things such as important announcements, last minute

    cancelations, pictures and whatnot. Join us and don't miss out.