• Remote Learning Updates:  

    I miss you ALL and I hope to see you soon! 

     I am wishing you ALL blessings and love! 

    blessing and love


    Remember I am only an e-mail away if needed at mjgagliardi @jacksonsd.org 

    All assignments are posted on my Google Classroom while we are using our remote learning/off-campus model of instruction. 

    Phase 1: Complete All Assignment in Google Classroom ( March 16- March 27)

    Read fo 20 minutes

    1-  Dictionary Response (7 parts) each day  = 10 total dictionary responses for 10 days

    1- Double Entry Journal each day = 10 double entry responses for 10 days


     Phase 2: Complete All Assignments in the Google Classroom - March 30- April 3

    I have provided a read aloud in the Google Classroom of the narrative to assist with understanding and comprehension of the story and task. 

    Day 1: Monday, March 30- Read the story

    Day 2- Tuesday, March 31- Brainstorm and outline

    Day 3: Wednesday, April 1- Continue the narrative task

    Day 4: Thursday, April 2- Continue the narrative task

    Day 5: Friday, April 3- Complete the narrative task


     I will post the assignments for April 6- April 9 on Friday, April 3


    Students check your school e-mail daily regarding information/updates from me and your other teachers.  


    Click on the 7th Grade Tab regarding access to the 7th Grade Classpage.

    Click on the 8th Grade Tab regarding access to the 8th Grade Classpage. 


    Refer to the district website for updates at www.jacksonsd.org 


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     It is my belief, that when families and teachers work together, a student will experience more success.  Families are an integral part of each child’s educational success. Therefore, I feel home and school communication is essential. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the school year at mjgagliardi@jacksonsd.org. 

    Thank you in advance for your support. By working together, this year is going to be phenomenal! 

     Welcome  Any questions or concerns please contact me at mjgagliardi@jacksonsd.org