Hi Everybody!  Below you'll find some fun ideas to keep you rocking. 

    These are all OPTIONAL - just for fun!

    They're here to lift your spirits and keep us connected. 

    Live show with Brady!



    INCREDIBOX is a fun, interactive experience that lets you create your own music with a crew of beatboxers.


    Click here to enjoy Incredibox!


    Write a song with Bon Jovi!

    bon jovi

    New Jersey's own rock star wants your help writing a song.  

    How have you been feeling during the past few weeks?  Tell Jon and he'll put it all together in a brand new hit!

    Click here for more information.

    New song out by Brady Rymer "DO THE FIVE" 

     The song describes 5 actions to help keep you healthy, as per the World Health Organization recommendations. 


    Click here to see TWO different videos for the song.

    You can also download a coloring page of the artwork below. 

    It's created by Emily Balsaly, the same artist who did our "Under the Big Umbrella" artwork!

     Do the 5 poster



    Live show with Brady Rymer Saturday, April 4th at 11am!


    You can send him requests and let him know you're part of his HCJ backup singers! 

    Click here for more information.


    You know Absolutely Mindy from our show at SiriusXM Kids Place Live.

    There's a new, interactive show each day with STEAM challenges!

    Click here to find the lesson


    We're Proud to support Autism Awareness Month!


    To show support, many people around the world shine a blue light in front of their house. 

    If you don't have one, draw a picture of one and hang it in your front window!

    mighty blue