• Final Exam(6/13 and 6/14)  

    Final Exam - 6/13 and 6/14





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    *** Sixth Grade Social Studies focuses on ancient civilizations(Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, India, China, and Rome). We will start the year reviewing geography skills( Continents, Oceans, Cardinal and  Intermediate Directions, Map Skills).


    ***Suggested School Supplies:

    1. Notebook(3 Subject If Possible)

    2. Pocket Folder

    3. Pens/Pencils


    ***Access Textbook Online:

    1. Go to my.hrw.com

    2Username - Student ID@jsd

    3. Password - student1


    ***Textbook Links

    World History Unit 1 pdf


    World History Unit 2 pdf


    World History Unit 3 pdf


    World History Unit 4 pdf


    World History Unit 5 pdf





    ***Extra Help Is Available After School