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    (If you are the parents of one of my Science students you can fast forward to the 6 minute mark which is when i start talking about my Science class)


    Mr. Vaughn

    Welcome back to McAuliffe! I hope everyone enjoyed their, ummm...extended Spring Break? To those that don't know me, I'll take a moment to introduce myself. I am starting my 21st year teaching, all here at CMMS. Before finding my calling I had a corporate career for 12 years. Though I have taught every main subject here at CMMS, the majority of my years has been teaching Social Studies, which is perfect since I am as big a history nerd as there is. I have been lucky enough to travel through a good part of the world, visiting and emersing myself into the cultures and histories of France, England, the Netherlands, Cuba, Vietnam, Taiwan and of course the U.S. I also enjoy reading, cooking, sports and spending time with my family.

    We all know that this year is starting off as a big change from traditional school, but we will persevere.  The 8th grade SS curriculum is U.S. history. We will cover topics from the American Revolution to the Civil War. Some of those topics we cover include the Declaration of Independance, the Constitution, Washington's presidency, Industrial Revolution and Jacksonian Democracy. My first semester schedule is below. Remember that it is Group 2 that will be starting in-person classes on Sept 8th. 


       Period 1a-2a 8th Grade SS w/Mr. Ippolito    Google Class - qa6ay5v

      Period 4a-5a 8th Grade SS w/Mr. Ippolito   Google Class - aophhjg

     Period 6a-7a 8th Grade SS w/Mrs. Kunz     Google Class - jl2phsb

      Period 7b-8b 7th Grade Science                 Google Class - selbsp6

    My email is cvaughn@jacksonsd.org

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