• Any completed work from the work folders that went home on 3/13, and the TWO Social Studies Assignments from last week can still be turned in through Tuesday, April 21st (right after Spring Break) for the third marking period.
    This DOES NOT mean that students have to work over break. Please use that time to be with family instead! This just means that if you have work that was not submitted yet, it can still be submitted and count towards the 3rd marking period as long as it's in by 4/21.  So if you have anything that still needs to be sent over, feel free to send it at any point, but by 4/21.  
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  • Please reach out to me via e-mail if you any questions, concerns and to submit any work completed.

    My e-mail address is kehamman@jacksonsd.org

    Please join our Google Classroom using the directions below, as we are using that platform for our assignments.  If you are unable to do so, please let me know that, too.


    Google Classroom Directions

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  • As of Monday, March 16th, the folders sent home on 3/13 were put into effect. They were made individually, per student.  As you complete work, please submit it to me via e-mail (pictures of work, pictures of  them completing activities or pictures of the Daily work Log from the Google Classroom (or even a written log on separate paper).  or through Google Classroom itself. 

    I did not leave an outlined "plan" as to what gets worked on by date, initially.  I sent along a folder for you to be able to access as you were able to.  Flexibility is key in our program, and I'm sure it is at home too, as this is a very big change to process through.  Please do not worry about all of that work being done right away.  I sent MORE than was asked of us. This way, we did not have to worry about sending more work if needed, electronically in that initial timeframe.  The kids can do what they can, when they can. 

    That being said, we are now at the point of needing to communicate and work electronically.  Please check e-mails daily, and respond to maintian communication.  We have moved to using Google Classroom for work that now goes beyond that initial folder.  It would be greatly appreciated if we had 100% of the class on there.  Please do so, asap. If you need me to help you, I most certainly will, so please communicate that with me.  If you are unable to access Google Classroom at all (even without my assistance), I need to know that, too.  Please be in communication with me so we can all work as a team to best help our students.

    Other academic resources for computer activities include:


    ABCmouse.com (free access code: SCHOOL7771)

    Raz Kids (the login card was sent home for that site)--read/listen to leveled books, take quizzes


    BrainPopJr (see link on "student resource" tab for free access)



    PBS Kids

    StarFall.com (free access codes were sent individually to your e-mails)

    Google Earth

    Time For Kids 

    Virtual field trips 





    Additional ideas: Continue those weekly (or even make them daily) chores!  Cook, laundry (sort, wash, dry, fold, put away) help clean, personal hygiene (deodorant and toothbrushing), setting the table, wash, dry and put away dishes...  

    Read (or listen to) a book every day--ask/answer WH questions.

    **ONE REQUEST---if you do not get to complete everything in the folder, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send it back to school (along with all completed work) when we return.  A lot of time went into making each of them since they are individualized, and if we should ever need to call on this process again, we have access to what was already copied, saving a lot of time in this lenghty process. 

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time.  We will miss each of "our kids", and look forward to seeing everyone when we return!

    Please stay healthy!!!

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