Welcome to Mrs. Hamman's classpage!

    I have had the pleasure of working at the Christa McAuliffe Middle School since 2003.  I am always an e-mail, phone call or note in the planner away!  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have!  If you choose to send an e-mail, please type my e-mail address VERY carefully, as there is another employee in district with the same name, just spelled differently!  :) 

    My e-mail address is kehamman@jacksonsd.org

     Thank you for sharing your student with us!

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    BTSN 2021



    2021-2022 Daily Schedule (full day)

    (Speech, OT, PT will occur on a individual basis, and vary by day).

    Homeroom 8:05-8:19

    Period 1-2A Gym- 8:21-9:28

    Period 2B-3B Math 9:30-10:37

    **snack DAILY between class periods**

    Period 4A-5B Literacy 10:39-12:09 

    Period 6A Lunch 12:11-12:32

    Period 6B-7B Science (S1)/Social Studies (S2) -12:34-1:41

    Period 8 Unified Arts/Special  1:43-2:27


  • Leisure Item from home:

    Please send in a DAILY, highly motivating, quiet leisure/break time/reward activity item. An individual toy, puzzle, coloring book is fine--as long as your student will enjoy it. If you have a specific item you are unsure of, feel free to e-mail me and ask. This item is ONLY for your student's use and will not be shared. The item you send in may or may not go home at the end of each day.

    **Please make sure these items silent, as to not disrupt others.

    **Please make sure the item is no larger than what will fit in a GALLON size ZIPPED zip-lock bag, or a standard size shopping bag that can be tied in a knot when not in use.

    **Please put your student's name ON the bag you send it to school in.

    **Putting the name on the item itself would also be appreciated, but it's understood if you don't want to/can't do that.

    Please do not send in any other technology devices for this time. The only acceptable technology being sent to school is a district issued tablet/communication device AND their district issued FULLY CHARGED Chromebooks with their charging cord!


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  • Enroll in 2021-2022 Google Classroom by September 17th!


    Log in to THIS year's Google Classroom,  to get it up and running for the school year. We will be using this platform sporadically throughout the year, and   will need to rely on this should we have a need to go virtual at any point in time.


    Please answer the QUESTION posted on the page!  There is only ONE answer option, so you'll just need to click and submit!


    The way you go about it is the same as last year. Each student in class was sent an invitation, also.

    **Log in to your student's school e-mail address (through gmail).

    **click on the waffle icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    **Click on Google Classroom icon.

    **Click to join the class.

    If you need a code, the class code is: ot5nm52


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    THANK YOU!!!!***

    PLEASE ensure that a snack & drink comes in daily from home (separate from lunch time)  :)

    Please send your student in with their own snack and drink every day.  :)

    *If your student brings lunch from home in addition to their snack, please be sure to differentiate between snack food items and food items that are reserved for lunch time.

    *Please note, we are unable to send students to purchase a snack for snack time.  Please plan accordingly.


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    Throughout the year, PLEASE put your student's name on everything that you send in with them (or put items in a bag and then put their name on the bag itself).  

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