• ¡Hola!  My name is Odette Farrell and I am originally from Puerto Rico.  I believe that a second language is paramount for success in this day and age.    I teach my students to understand the logic of the language so even if they are short on vocabulary, they can figure out quite a bit.  I am a 21st century teacher so my classes are infused with technology and internet activites.  I created a website for each class and linked a number of resources to practice vocabulary.   Short cut to my website:  goo.gl/vqJusR  (bookmark it)

    6th grade:  We will become familiar with Spanish speaking countries and culture but most of the time will be spent describing ourselves, friends, and family members as well as identifying the activities we like to do.  

    7th grade:  Students will continue to acquire vocabulary (school, food, common activities) while learning to create simple sentences following grammar rules and verb conjugation.  A final/placement test will be administered to determine eligibility into 8th grade Advanced Spanish. 

    8th grade:  Everything comes together in 8th grade as students continue to communicate preferences in regards to home life, chores, and vacations.  Students in the Advanced Spanish class work at a faster pace to complete High School Spanish I curriculum. A final/placement test will be administered to determine placement into high school.

    It is very important for students to complete all classwork and homework as well as studying for the few tests scheduled.  I am always available to help students during class or after school. Feel free to reach out to me if you should have any questions at ofarrell@jacksonsd.org                        



                                              ***CLASS MATERIALS:   notebook and pencil