• Welcome to Mr. Potenza's 7th Grade Math Class!

    Hello everyone, my name is Mr. Potenza!

    I am a graduate of Rosenauer Elementary, Christa McAuliffe Middle School, and Jackson Liberty High School. I also received my Bachelor's degree in Finance at Rider University.

    I truly believe that knowledge is power, and that everyone possesses the ability to learn.
    I aim to make our 7th grade math class one that is beneficial for learning, regardless of how well or how poor you think you are at math.

    We're all running the same race, but we all finish with different times.

  • Per. 1-2A: 8:26AM - 9:33AM

    Per. 2B-3: 9:35AM - 10:42AM (with Lavezzo)

    Per. 6-7A: 12:16PM - 1:23PM

    Per. 7B-8: 1:25PM - 2:32PM (with Lavezzo)