• Good Afternoon Parents!

         Today begins Marking Period 2 of Remote Academy Social Studies!  I would like to thank you all for your continued support and assistance. This has been a learning curve for us all and I appreciate the efforts made. In order to improve upon, and continue to expand on your student's progress in my class I would like to advise you of a few changes.

        Students are expected to be present in class with cameras on.  If there is an issue with the camera from the chrome book issued, please email me directly. I will then provide you the form to have it repaired or replaced. Additionally, if there are other circumstances or accommodations that are needed, please reach out. It is difficult to engage and interact with the students, and tell if they are following along when we cannot see them. 

        Assignments worked on  in class will not be accepted late.  This is considered classwork, and is part of the participation grade. They have to be submitted by 3:00 pm of that day.  Similarly, homework submitted late will receive a 5 point deduction per day, and will only be accepted up to FOUR DAYS  late (up to 20 point deduction). The portal is updated frequently.

       I am aware that there often are extenuating circumstances, such as issues with wifi, and I will work closely with you to make adjustments. Please just keep me informed.  I am always available to work with your child at the end of the school day,  so feel free to have him/her email me and we will schedule a help session.  Again, thank you for your support and consideration, I truly believe that together we can work to ensure success for your child.  


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Rylla Smith





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    Middle School Virtual Teaching/Learning Schedule


    Homeroom/Advisory Period

    8:05 - 8:14 

    Period 1 - 2A

    8:16 - 9:05

    Period 2B - 3

    9:07 - 9:56

    Period 4 - 5A

    9:58 - 10:47

    Lunch/ Break

    10:47 - 11:06

    Period 6 - 7A

    11:06 - 11:55

    Period 7B - 8

    11:57 - 12:46

    Additional Support/ Extra Help

    1:00 - 3:00


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