My name is Cheryl Terranova, I am working on my 20th year in the Jackson School District. I am truly thrilled to be  teaching and look forward to working with all the stakeholders in the community. We are all about preparing your child to succeed, now is the time to develop a strong work ethic and solid study habits. Before anything else, I want you to know that I care about the learning and well being of my students. I am excited to work with your students to help them grow into responsible and hardworking young adults with a love for science.

    For this reason, I have high expectations of the learning and behavior of my students. I want us to work together to help all of our students.

    My goal is to make learning and understanding science challenging and fun for all.  It is through the exploration of science that your child will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I love teaching science because it provides an authentic backdrop for learning and applying essential skills while fostering the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to succeed in life.

    I look forward to working with you and your child to make this a positive and successful school year!

    I can be reached at cterranova@jacksonsd.org.


    We will focus on habits that are paramount to a student’s success for their future.  The first such habit would be coming to class on time and prepared, with all materials in hand for the day’s study.  We will stress maintaining an organized, up-to-date notebook and overall organizational skills. Completing homework in a careful, diligent manner will be another key to success. 


    If a student is absent from school, he or she is still responsible for the material.

    Students must get missed homework assignments from Google classroom and see me to review missed lessons. 

    Google Classroom

    We have a google classroom.  This includes copies of the students' notes,  homework assignments, labs, and projects.  Having the student log in can be useful to parents/guardians who wish to monitor their student’s study habits and work effort.  This has proved helpful for both students and for parents/guardians who want to help their students succeed.  

    Supplies of Success

    • A Smile
    • Charged chromebook
    • Science notebook (provided)




     contact: cterranova@jacksonsd.org

    Please feel free to email with any questions moving forward. 






    • Office hours when school is in session

      Monday-Thursday      7:45-3:00

      Friday                         7:45-2:30

    • Laptop

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