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    Period 1-2 Math with Ms. Peters & Mr. Mathews

    Period 2-3 Math with Ms. Peters

    Period 6-7 Math with Ms. Peters & Mrs. Beldowicz

    Period 7-8 Math with Ms. Peters & Mr. Mathews




    Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics!

    Ms. Peters (Period 2B-3 in Rm 105)

    with Mrs. Beldowicz (Period 6-7A in Rm 123)

    with Mr. Mathews (Period 1-2APeriod 7B-8 Rm 125)

    Daily Google Meet from 2:07 to 2:17 for all students






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    Chromebook & Charger

    Marble Notebook


    Four Function Calculator (optional) for your own use



    Lesson Quiz will be assigned at the end of each lesson

    Midpoint, Concept, and Topic Assessments




    Remote learning assistance is available everyday through email, phone calls, or daily Google Meet at 2:07 to 2:17.  I encourage all students to attend the daily afternoon meet to ask questions, review lesson, complete assignments, or preview new material and concepts.