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                                                                                          - J.K. Rowling        


    Marking Period 2 ends on January 28.  Report cards will be available on February 15.
    Marking Period 3 - February 1 - April 5
    Writing - Research Simulation Task
    • All assignments will be written in MLA format.


    Students will

    • complete research on the Holocaust as they prepare to read the play adaptation of "The Diary of Anne Frank."
    • continue to read and discuss short stories.
    • use context clues to identify word meanings.
    • complete iXL exercises focusing on individual skills 
    Independent Reading Assignment (All assignments are posted in our Google Classroom.)

    Students will read Freedom Summer:  The 1964 Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi by Susan Goldman Rubin.

    Journal - Complete in Google Classroom

    Part 1:  Vocabulary: Write the definition for at least TEN words that you do not know.

    Part 2:  Facts:  Write ONE fact after reading each chapter.  The facts must be written using complete sentences. (4 points each = 70)  Remember, a fact can be proven.  It is not an opinion.

    Marking Period Project - Complete in Google Classroom 

    You will research a topic of your choice that is presented in this book or during this time period.  You will need to teach your topic to the class using Google Slides.  Some topics are listed below, but if you do not see a topic on this list that you would be interested in researching, discuss it with teachers first.  

    In order for a successful year, students need to work on literacy daily.  Daily assignments are posted in our Google Classroom.  My goal is to provide support and encouragement for each of you on your journey to improve the world.  Do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help during the process.  

    Please feel free to reach out: jdparlow@jacksonsd.org 

    Learning Ally:

    1. Learningally.org
    2. Enter login information
    - User name: JerriParlow
    - Password: 123456
    2. Go to “my bookshelf”
    3. On the left side, should be something that says “my listening device” then download to what device they are using (chrome book, P.C./Mac, iPhone, Android, etc)













  • Please check Google Classroom for daily assignments.

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