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    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss 

     After school help:  Monday, February 25
    Use this link for Flowers for Algernon Story
    Reading Journal Check - March 13:  Conflict
    Third marking period independent reading assignment:

    Reading Log - DUE MARCH 28

    1. Students will complete a daily reading log which will include the date and page numbers read.
    2. Students will identify elements of a story found in their novels.  One citation, written in MLA format, is required for each response.  Directions are stapled in reading log journal.  A link is available in marking period overview.  

    Book Report - DUE APRIL 1

    1. Students will need to make a puppet of the main character.  It can be a paper bag, sock, popsicle stick, or whatever student choses.  Students will orally present their main character, the conflicts he/she overcame, and the resolution.  
    This week:

    Students will finish "Flowers for Algernon," watch short film, and write a comparison and contrast paragraph. - Charlie is a 32-year-old developmentally disabled man who has the opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure that will dramatically increase his mental capabilities. This procedure had already been performed on a laboratory mouse, Algernon, with remarkable results. Charlie will be the first human subject.  Perhaps your parents read this classic short story!  Test and Notebook Check - Tuesday, February 26 


    - Students will begin narrative writing unit with emphasis on correct use of dialogue.

    - Dialogue conversations will be written using correct punctuation. 


      Scholastic Book Orders

    Next order will be in March

    To place online orders use class code: FPDMC 

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