• Welcome to Mrs. Buonocore's

    Math Class!


    Room 223

    parabola          compass           Shapes                 

    *All students should bring their binder and a

    pencil to class everyday*     


    The most important thing you need for my class is your brain!  Come to class ready to think and problem solve!

    Start of school supplies:

    3 Ring 1" Binder (2 sections- Do Now & Notes/homework)

    Pencils (no pens, unless it is an erasable pen - FriXion pens work like pencils)

    3 Hole punched Graph Paper

    Lined Paper for Binder

  • Period 1/2A - 7th & 8th Grade Algebra


    Period 2B/3 - 7th & 8th Grade Algebra


    Period 6/7A - Geometry


    Period 7B/8  -  7th & 8th Grade Algebra  

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