• Please refer to my Google Classroom page for our remote learning plans at this time.  This will be our primary form of communication for all classwork from here forward during remote learning.  All students have access to google classroom through there school google email.  If you did not receive an invite for my google classroom page please send me an email immediately to btotten@jacksonsd.org and I will send you the invite so that you have access.

    *Marking Period 3 ends April 7th

    *Marking Period 4 begins April 8th


    Welcome to Mr. Totten's Physical Education & Health Class.  My office is located in the Gymnasium.  If you need to get in touch with me for anything please call the school at 732-833-4600 Ext. 7133 or Email me at btotten@jacksonsd.org.  Please view my class pages for specifics regarding your class.