• hi Ms. Chinery's Class Page  

     Welcome to the 2023/2024 School Year!!  

    My Daily Schedule: 

     Period 1/2: READ 180  

    Period 4/5: READ 180

    Period 7/8: READ 180 

    Read 180 is a Literacy program that focuses on building various reading skills for students.  The class is divided up into small groups.  The class works as a whole group at the beginning of the period.  During this lesson, we work on vocabulary and texts from our ReaLBook textbook.  Then we split up into small groups and rotate every 20 minutes.  One group works with the teacher, one group works on the software program (HMH Central), and the other group works on independent reading.  The goal of Read 180 is to get the students' reading levels up, understand new literature in their own way, and read more fluently.  

    Email: kchinery@jacksonsd.org



    Please bring your Chromebooks to school CHARGED every day.