• Students in PDD Music will participate in multiple musical activities that stimulate their aural and tactile senses. 

    Let's Make Music! Students will perform on small hand held percussion instruments such as tambourines, jingle sticks, small drums, woodblocks and triangles along with pre-recorded music.

    Color the Room with Music! Students will be given the option to complete a music themed coloring page or create their own coloring page utilizing various coloring utensils (colored pencils, markers and crayons). Students will review colors as needed and will utilize decision making skills by choosing between paper and utensil mediums.

    Sort it Out! Students will participate in various sorting activities.

    a. Percussion Sort - hands on practice with hand held percussion instruments. Students will sort them between "things you hit", "things you hit with", "things you scrape", "things you shake", "things that DING!". Students will be given the opportunity to play these instruments and will be guided through a sorting activity to put them back in the appropriate box.

    b. BIG or small - Students will be shown 2 very different sized instruments and will have to choose between which one is bigger or which one is smaller, as guided by the teacher.

    c. Air or Not - Students will be shown 2 instruments, one where the musician is playing it with their mouth and one where the musician is playing it with their hands. Students will be guided by the teacher to choose the instrument that is played with their mouth using air.

    Color Your Emotions! Students will listen to 4 very different styles of music and will color a paper sheet in whichever way that music makes them feel.

    Freeze Dance and Sing-A-Long! Students will listen to various musical genres and can participate in a freeze dance party and will also have a sing-a-long.

    Black History Month Artist of the Day Students will watch a brief bio video of various musicians and will have the opportunity to complete coloring sheets in a Black History Month Coloring Book.

    Around the World Students will listen to music from various countries and will get a stamp in their individual Music Passports for each country that we visit.