• World History 


    *  Attention all Mr. Schultz's Classes







    7th Grade World History-  A path through time. We will discover the evolution of man and society. From the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, to Explorations, we will discover some of the most important moments in history.



    • 3 Ring Binder
    • White-lined Paper
    • Pen/Pencil


    The grading policy is as follows:

    Tests                            30%                Homework                  30%

    Quizzes                       20%                 Class Participation      20%


    All homework will be written in the planner. To receive credit for homework, it must be with the student when they walk into class. 


    Many times, there is confusion about homework and absences. If a student is present when homework is assigned but absent when it is due, it is the student’s responsibility to hand in the assignment on their first day back. If a student is absent when the assignment is given, it is their responsibility to check with me for any missed work. This work should be handed to me in a timely manner (a week or less), so that credit may be given. If assistance is needed, extra help is available Monday-Thursday on any day I do not have a meeting or conference.