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Any child who is excused early from school must be picked up at the receptionist. Please arrive at school before 2:00 pm and we will call your child out of their last period class.  If you arrive after 2:00 pm, we will not be able to call your child down and you will need to wait for the 2:32 dismissal bell.


Proper identification must be presented when signing out a student; if the driver is NOT listed in Genesis as having permission to pick up your child, we cannot release them. Additionally, we will not release a child to a driver under the age of 18 years old. 


Students who need to be picked up from after school activities, please note we will not make “All Calls” after 3:30pm. Parents who choose to pick-up their child from after school activities need to be at the school at 4:10 pm or the student will be placed on the 4:20 late bus to be transported home.