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    The Mission of the True Colors Club is to promote a safe space for all young people to socialize and create an all-inclusive platform to encourage acceptance, inclusion, and celebration of all differences among students, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Social and Emotional Learning activities will be incorporated to help students successfully navigate the path of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship skills. 



    Please be advised that, due to the altered after-school bus schedule, our meetings have been moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. Please check our Schedule Page to see the updated dates. 

    Important Announcement:

    At the Tuesday, March 29th meeting we will have our yearbook picture taken. This is COMPLETELY voluntary. If you'd like to be in, we would love to have you! 





    Upcoming (GLSEN.org):

    March 21-25 LGBT Health Awareness

    March 31st- International Transgender Day of Visibility 

    April 22nd-Earth Day & Day of Silence

    June-PRIDE month all month long




    Happy Veteran's Day!

    Veteran's Day



    Transgender Awareness Week


    November 13th-19th

    Transgender Awareness Week is a week where transgender people and their allies take action to bring attention to the community by educating the public about who transgender are, sharing stories and experiences, and advancing advocacy(glaad.org). 




    Pride Month








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