Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics!

    Mrs. Peters (Period 2B-3 in Rm 102)

    with Mrs. Beldowicz (Period 1-2A & Period 6-7A in Rm 123)

    with Mr. Mathews (Period 7B-8 Rm 125)




    WELCOME to CMMS 2.0 with Remote Learning 

    Please use our Google Classroom Pages for Each Daily Assignment

    If you click on your period above, it will take you directly to our Google Classroom



    Periods 1/2, 6/7, 7/8-  Introduction to Geometry Lesson Quiz May 28

    Period 2/3 - Introduction to Geometry Lesson Quiz May 28


    DAILY ASSIGNMENT- Posted in Google Classroom

    Today is Tuesday, May 26

    Please log into our classrooms to answer the attendance question daily

    Periods 1/2, 6/7, and 7/8 will meet to introduce geometry lesson and complete Pearson Lesson


    Period 2/3 will join me for Google Meet to introduce area and complete Google Form




    Remote Learning assistance is available everyday through email, phone calls, or Google Meets.  I encourage all students to email me to review lesson, complete assignments, or preview new material and concepts.