Reading Music

    Here you can play lots of games that involve reading music! Make sure you pick treble clef if you play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, or bells. If you play trombone, baritone, or tuba pick a bass clef game.

    Music Tech Teacher Games

    This is a great app you can download to an iphone or ipad that is great for reading notes! Perfect for all instruments!

    Music Theory Pro App

    Instrument Note Chart

    Here you can see a chart with the basic finger positions necessary for your instrument.

    Instrument Fingering Chart

    Music & Arts



    Garden State Music

    Here you can get instrument rentals, repairs, and accessories.



    JW Pepper

    Here you will find the recordings of the pieces we are playing in concert band.  Type the name of the piece into the search box.


    Practice Log

    Each 7th grade band member is required to complete a practice log each week of each marking period. See document for more info!

    7th Grade Practice Log