Looking for a way to support your community from home? Here are some ideas that allow you to continue to help others!

    Let us know if you think of any other ways we can serve our communities so we can continue to update this list!  And remember to send pictures of all your hard work. 

    Stay healthy, happy, and safe.

    -Ms. Lambert                                          -Mrs. Buonocore

    mlambert@jacksonsd.org                     cbuonocore@jacksonsd.org

    Volunteers needed to assist at the McAuliffe orientations on Monday, August 21st and Tuesday, August 22nd. Current members please check your email for further information.

    Volunteers needed to assist at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 14th for 6th Grade and Tuesday, September 19th for 7th & 8th Grade.  Please check our Google Classroom for further information.  

    Volunteers needed to assist during Conferences Monday November 6th, Tuesday, November 7th; and Wednesday, November 8th.  THERE WILL NOT BE LATE BUSSES ON THESE DAYS.  PLEASE ARRANGE A RIDE HOME FOR 3:00PM.