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    Welcome 7th Grade Math

    Mrs. Clauburg - Block 1/2a

    Catanese/Clauburg Letter

    Million Words

    Mrs. Cumberton - Block 7b/8

    Cumberton/Catanese Letter #1

    Cumberton/Catanese Letter #2


    LINK To Student Textbook and Assignments: Pearson EnvisionMath2.0

    Username: Student ID# then add with no space @jtsd-nj

    Password: First Name with a capital letter and then add with no space 07 - For Example Karen07



    Topic 1: Integers & Rational Numbers

    Topic 2:  Analyze and Use Proportional Relationships

    Topic: 3 Analyze and Solve Percent Problems

    Topic 4: Analyze and Use Proportional Relationships

    Topic 5: Subtract Integers

    Topic 6: Add & Subtract Integers

    Topic 7: Multiply Integers

    Topic 8: Multiply Rational Numbers