• Verb Conjugation Chart

    Verb conjugation is very important in Spanish and requires memorization of pronouns and verb charts. We are learning to conjugate in present tense. 

    Remember that all verbs in the infinitive form end in -ar,-er,-ir.  They mean to do something (estudiar > to study).  

    To conjugate follow these steps:

                  1-Identify the ending of the verb to conjugate to determine which column from the chart to use.

                  2-Drop the (-ar, -er, -ir) ending

                  3-Figure out who is doing the action (from the pronouns list)

                  4-Use the chart below to add the corresponding new ending


    pronoun           -ar        -er       -ir

    yo                           -o          -o         -o

    tú                           -as        -es       -es

    él,ella,usted (it)       -a          -e         -e

    nosotros                -amos  -emos   -imos

    ellos,ellas,ustedes    -an        -en      -en


    For example:            

    to need is necesitar      >    I/me is yo

    To say I need       

    go down the –ar list and find where yo is.  You’ll find the new ending to be -o.  Drop the -ar and add the new ending.

        so,  Yo necesito   means  "I need"


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