• key

    Class Rules

    1. Be on-time, on-task, & prepared to learn EVERYDAY!
    2. Be responsible for your own learning.
    3. Respect the teacher, the classroom, your classmates, & yourself.


    Procedures & Expectations

    • At the beginning of class, get seated, copy down homework, and follow the directions that will be posted on the board each day.
    • When you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make up work. Missed notes and classroom handouts will be located in the ABSENT FILES located in the classroom as well as on my website.
    • Come to class prepared EVERYDAY (this includes a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!)
    • Wait patiently until class instruction is complete before fulfilling classroom tasks (bathroom/drink, sharpening pencil, etc.)
    • Follow school and classroom rules at all times.

              1st offense:    Warning                                       

              2nd offense: Phone call home           

              3rd offense:  Teacher Detention

              4th offense:    Formal write up with Administration