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    Period7b/8 Back to school night information

    Supplies for my class.

    Choose one that you think will work best for you:

    Option 1:  1 inch binder, 3 dividers, and paper


    Option 2: 5 one subject notebooks and a folder

    (may not use all but less expensive now)


    Everyone needs: Pencils, sharpener, and dry erase markers

    Some topics we will be exploring this year:

    • Topic 1: All operations of with Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals
    • Topic 2: Integers, Numberline and the Coordinate Plane
    • Topic 3: Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, Order of Operations & Algebraic Expressions
    • Topic 4: Number Properties, Solving Equations and Inequalities
    • Topic 5: Ratios, Rates and Converting Measurements
    • Topic 6: Percents, Discounts, Tax and Circle Graphs
    • Topic 7: Area of Polygons, Surface Area and Volume of Prisms
    • Topic 8: Statistical Measures and Data Displays