• Hello everybody!

    Welcome to my class in quarantine! I know that someday we will look back on these extraordinary circumstances we are all enduring and be able to tell our grandchildren what it was like. I hope everyone is healthy and safe and making the best of a difficult and sometimes stressful situation.

    I definitely don't want social studies class to be something to stress about, so if anybody has any questions, please don't hesitate to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. The classwork from the first two weeks was posted on Google Classroom on March 16th, and will be posted for the next two weeks by Monday, March 30th at 8am. In case anyone needs to log ionto Google classroom, my class codes are listed below. The work will also be posted on this homepage as well.

    Students worked on two different assignments for the first two weeks when it was unclear just how long we would be out of school. Now that it appears this quarantine will be longer term, there will be some new instruction. For social studies, this work will be focusing on the Constitution up until spring break. I will post work, which will consist of notes and some questions, as well as an essay exam to be completed by April 7th.

    I miss everyone and look forward to getting back in the classroom, whenever that may be!

    Best wishes and health to all!


    Chris Ippolito


    Period 2B-3: 2ppl4gt

    Period 4-5A: 3ifjlcd
    Period 6-7A: xkv37p7 


    • Week of April 6-8, 2020

      Social Studies Assignments:
      1) Copy Great Compromise powerpoint slides into social studies notebook
      2) Read Section Three Guided Reading Assignment. Copy terms into notebook. Submit answers on separate Google Classroom doc or photograph written work and attach or email me. Answer in complete sentences. You DO NOT have to do the Challenge Activity speech.
      3) Complete Current Event Game Kahoot that was assigned on Google classroom Friday.

      Please email me with any questions or concerns. 

      Great Compromise ppt


      Section Three Guided Reading Great Compromise



      Period 2B-3: 2ppl4gt

      Period 4-5A: 3ifjlcd
      Period 6-7A: xkv37p7 


      I hope everyone enjoys a chance to take a breath over spring break and focus on the 4th marking period. Please stay healthy and I hope that we can see each other soon!


      Mr. Ippolito

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  • Good morning class!

    Week three of remote learning and there is new instruction for this week. Our topic of study will be to address this essential question:
     - Why was the Articles of Confederation a government that lacked power and how did its weaknesses impact the newly independent United States?

    1) Review pre-Constitution powerpoint, copy notes into notebook.
    2) Attached please find Shays’ Rebellion Doc. Read the article and complete the six questions on the note-taking guide. Answer the questions in a google doc OR handwrite and upload a picture of written work.
    3) The last page of the Shays' Rebellion doc, use prompts to complete your own article on Shays’ Rebellion. Pretend you are writing in the time period: include date, author, and a headline with your article.  Submit as a google doc or handwrite and upload a picture of written work.
    4) Watch Hughes History brief lesson on Shays' Rebellion
    5) Read Shays' Rebellion article from GW's Mount Vernon website.
    6) Citing evidence from the GW's Mount Vernon article, write a one-paragraph (4-6 sentences) answer to the following question: Why did Shays' Rebellion lead to George Washington coming out of retirement in 1787 to attend the Constitutional Convention? Submit as a google doc or handwrite and upload a picture of written work.

    This asssignment is also available on Google Classroom and the individual section codes are listed below.

    All work is due by Sunday, April 5. Please email me with any questions/concerns.

    I hope you and your families are well and I miss each and every one of you! Hoping to see everyone soon.

    Mr. Ipp


    Shays Rebellion Worksheet


    Shays Rebellion in one minute



    Period 2B-3: 2ppl4gt

    Period 4-5A: 3ifjlcd
    Period 6-7A: xkv37p7
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