"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined." - Henry David Thoreau

     Remote Learning:  Please see Daily Classwork and Homework Assignments.

    Each day:  an email is sent to every student using their school account, a video outlining the learning goals can be found in Google Classroom as well as the daily assignment.  


    Learning Ally will provide the audio version of The Pearl.

    1. Learningally.org
    2. Enter login information
    - User name: JerriParlow
    - Password: 123456
    2. Go to “my bookshelf”
    3. On the left side, should be something that says “my listening device” then download to what device they are using (chrome book, P.C./Mac, iPhone, Android, etc)


    Dear parent/guardian,

    We are pleased to be able to use technology (Google Hangouts Meet) to stay connected during Remote Learning.  Please remember that all the Acceptable Use for Technology expectations you signed remain in place, as do our Code of Conduct expectations.  We will be able to continue to communicate as long as everyone remembers these expectations.  Google Meets is integrated into Google Classroom.

    am inviting your child to participate in a video conference call using Google Meet.  During our first meet, I will simply catch up with the students and discuss what they have been completing academically.  An invitation will be sent to your child's Google email prior to our scheduled meeting time.  You are welcome to be present during the call. Students are reminded to keep the microphone muted during discussion times unless asked to unmute and participate.

    Google Meets will continue throughout the remainder of remote teaching.  Dates will be included in morning emails, posted on the class page in "Daily Classwork and Homework Assignments" and Google Classroom.

    Times:  Period 1/2 - 8:30, Period 4/5 - 10:00, Period 7/8 - 11:45


    Google Classroom Links:

    Period 1/2 Google Classroom Page

    Period 4/5 Google Classroom Page

    Period 7/8 Google Classroom Page