• Dream Big Read

     INDEPENDENT READING - Marking Period 2 - Fiction

    This consists of three assignments:  reading, signpost journal, and project.                        

    Second marking period independent reading assignment:
    During the first 20 minutes of class, students will read a student selected fictional novel.  


    Notice and Note Reading Journal - Classwork Grade - Due dates will be throughout the marking period.  They will be graded three, three, and four.  Check the welcome page for exact dates.

    • While reading, students will identify Notice and Note Signposts.  A handout of signposts can be found in the reading journal notebook.  Signposts include - Contrasts and Contradiction, Memory Moment, Words of the Wiser, Aha Moment, Tough Questions, and Again and Again.
    • TEN examples must be completed for full credit.
    • The following format needs to be me the signpost
      • 1.  Name the signpost.
      • 2.  Write a detailed paragraph explaining the reason why the example is the selected signpost.  Provide background information, a citation/quote (using MLA format), and explain the citation.  A 
      • A minimum of five sentences is required.

    Independent Reading Project - Test Grade: Due January 24, 2020

    Students will write a literary analysis of the characteristics of the protagonist and the antagonist.  Two traits per character.  A requirement handout is provided.


    Students will be reading short stories found in the textbook.  The selections can be accessed using the online text.  Directions were distributed and can also be found on the Welcome page of the class page.  

    • Students will review the elements of the story.
    • Respond to selected questions.
    • Complete open-book tests to include multiple-choice and writing responses.
    • Class assignments will be collected at the completion of selection and graded.



    • All assignments are written in MLA format.  
    • The second marking period focuses on Literary Analysis Tasks.  Students will be writing two district assigned analysis.  The first one will be guided and assisted; the second one will be written independently.
    • Writing skills will be developed and improved upon.  Emphasis is placed on revising strategies. 
    • All writing assignments will be assessed as test grades.
    • Writing assignments are written in our Google Classroom.  



    • Vocabulary is taught while reading a selection.
    • During the second marking period, Worldy Wise vocabulary lessons will be completed.  This provides direct academic vocabulary instruction that develops the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students are introduced to vocabulary through a carefully sequenced progression of activities that develop sophisticated oral vocabulary.