Students are expected to adhere to all state, school, district, and class rules.

    • Always be respectful.  Do not talk during instruction & work time. Wait until it is your turn to speak. Do not touch other students, their computers, or their property. 

    • Any student who misuses school property will forfeit the privilege to use school-issued items.

    • Food and drinks are not permitted in the computer lab. No exceptions.

    • Students must be in class on time. Three or more unexcused lates = detention. 

    • Check Google Classroom every school day for announcements, assignments, directions and due dates. 

    • Assignments are to be completed in class. If you need help, ask me.  If work is not completed during class, speak with me about finishing the work at home. Graded keyboarding assignments must be completed and turned in during class only.

    • Students who miss class for any reason are responsible for checking Google Classroom posts and completing work by the due date. 

    • Work is to be submitted on time, according to assignment requirements, and to the best of your ability. Five points are deducted from the grade for each day an assignment is late, up to one week.  No assignment will receive credit if it is received more than one week after its due date, and the grade for that assignment will remain a zero.

    • Only original submissions of work will be graded.  Assignments may not be resubmitted for a grade change. 

    • All work must be an original creation of the student. Students may not copy and/or plagiarize any work from a fellow student, the internet, nor any other source. Any evidence of cheating, copied or plagiarized content will result in a grade of zero for the entire assignment.

    • No credit will be given for information obtained via Google answers and Wikipedia.

    • During class, you will have specific tasks to accomplish.  You may not surf the internet, watch videos, access social media, play games, socialize, do work for another class, use your phone, nor simply watch others use the computer. If all work is completed and turned in, you may work on another assignment, or participate in one of the posted approved  activities.  Do not engage in activities which do not appear on the approved activity list.

    • Preparation and participation count toward your grade. Be prepared for class, stay on task, and put forth your best effort all period each day to earn these points.  Class disruptions will result in loss of participation points and disciplinary action.

    • Cell phone use is not permitted. If a cell phone is used in class, it will be placed on the teacher's desk until the end of the period, and participation points will be deducted from your grade. Repeated in class cell phone use will result in referral to the assistant principal and guardian contact.

    • Students must have permission to leave the classroom, and may not leave the class multiple times a week, unless special permission is arranged.  If you leave to use the restroom, go to the one which is closest to the classroom. You must sign in and out each time you leave.

    • Monitor your grades in Genesis regularly.  Missing work must be turned in within one week of the due date for partial credit, or the grade will be a zero.   

    • After school help is available by appointment.

    Students will be advised of any changes to rules and policies.