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    Open AI - Educator FAQ's

    What is AI? What can it do and not do? Learn the basics here and there are links to introductory materials from leading education organizations on how to teach with and about AI and answers to frequently asked questions from educators on how to utilize ChatGPT for educational purposes.

    AI 101 for Teachers

    Want to learn more? A five-part free video series called "AI 101 for Teachers" kicked off this month from partners Code.org, ETS (Educational Testing Service)ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), and Khan Academy.

    AI Course for Educators

    This FREE 2-hour, hands-on course is designed to help educators get started using ChatGPT to save time, engage students, and implement AI responsibly.

    Diffit for Teachers

    Differentiate reading levels for anything here. Also embedds translation if needed and provides, summary, vobaulary words and generates questions on the material.


    Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that can be a useful tool for students.

    Explain It Like I'm Five (ELI5)

    ExplainLikeImFive.io is a website that uses optimized AI to simplify complex topics and make them easy to understand. It is designed to help students learn faster and understand more by providing explanations without technical jargon and in a lighthearted and fun tone. 

    Turnitin - AI Writing Detection 

    Frequently Asked questions on how to use this feature and what the report interpretations are. 

    AI Image Generator - Canva

    Create custom images here by entering in just a few prompts.