• This semester, students in each grade will be selecting a topic for research around an assigned theme.  Students will be required to explore topics and gather information about their chosen topic within the overall theme.

    These pages have been designed for exploration of topics within each theme and to hopefully inspire students to select a topic for research.  While students are encouraged to make personal and real world connections to their chosen topic, the resources they select are vital to their success in this semester-long undertaking.  

    A page for each grade level has been designed with links to specific databases and credible websites to assist students with their exploration and research.  While it is hopeful that these resources are useful, it is understood that these lists are not exhaustive and students may, depending on the specific requirements of their assignment, venture beyond these resources. Should that be the case, students are reminded that evaluation of sources is a crucial skill that should be practiced and developed; a skill that will serve students far beyond their high school and college years.

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