• Drones

    by Jim Whiting Year Published: 2020

    Call Number: 629.13 WHI

    An in-depth survey of drones, examining the past, present, and future of the technological developments, scientific principles, and innovators behind unmanned aerial vehicles.

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  • Robots

    by Jim Whiting Year Published: 2020

    Call Number: 629.89 WHI

    An in-depth survey of robots, examining the past, present, and future of the technological developments, scientific principles, and innovators behind robotics.

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  • Autonomous Vehicles

    by Jim Whiting Year Published: 2020

    Call Number: 629.22 WHI

    An in-depth survey of autonomous vehicles, examining the past, present, and future of the technological developments, scientific principles, and innovators behind driverless vehicles.

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  • Debates on the Rise of Islamist Extremism

    by Robert Green Year Published: 2019

    Call Number: 320.55 GRE

    Through a narrative-driven pro/con format supported by relevant facts, quotes, and anecdotes, this book discusses some of the reasons that have led to the rise of Islamic extremism throughout the world.

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  • How Robotics is Changing the World

    by Kathryn Hulick Year Published: 2019

    Call Number: 303.48 HUL

    Explores the role of robotics in medical care, education, military, exploration and more.

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  • The Environmental Movement

    by Stuart A. Kallen Year Published: 2019

    Call Number: 363.7 KAL

    When Rachel Carson described the dangers of DDT in the late 1950s she launched a movement that continues to influence society. This book provides an eco-tour from Carson through Earth Day, the environmental decade of the 1970s, and the challenges facing a new generation of twenty-first century environmentalists. It examines how and why social change occurs and the lasting influence of the environmental movement.

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  • Corporate Farming

    by Avery Hurt Year Published: 2018

    Call number: 338.1 HUR

    Corporate farms have solved so many of the worlds problems. In addition to making healthy food accessible and affordable to more people, they provide jobs in communities that sorely need them. But do corporations have too much power over food? Do they benefit from unfair tax breaks? Are their profit-driven practices hurting the environment, perhaps irreparably? And what does their success mean for the family farmer? 

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  • Human Rights in Focus: Illegal Immigrants

    by David Haugen Year Published: 2018

    Call Number: 364.13 HAU

    Immigration laws are designed to manage immigrant populations, reassert a nation's boundaries, and help define what it means to be a citizen of a given country-and all of this is meant to be carried out humanely and without discrimination. But some argue that these protections are not enough to guarantee the welfare and human rights of immigrants who enter the country illegally. Those rights, and whether they are being violated, are among the topics examined.

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  • Human Rights in Focus: Refugees

    by Michael Uschan Year Published: 2018

    Call Number: 323.63 USC

    Many millions of people flee their homes, desperate to escape extreme poverty and violence, in hopes of finding refuge in other countries. Both enroute to their destinations and sometimes even once they arrive, these refugees often endure conditions that defy even the loosest interpretation of human rights. The extreme challenges refugees face and efforts to help them are discussed.


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  • Citizenship and Immigration

    by Lansford, Tom Year Published: 2016

    Call Number: 325 LAN

    What defines a citizen? Who can become one? Does the creation of new citizens benefit a country or threaten it? All democracies grapple with questions about who should or should not become citizens of their countries. But not all countries answer these questions in the same ways.

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  • Information Plus: Space Exploration: Triumphs and Tragedies

    by Evans, Kim Year Published:
    Call Number: 919.904 EVA 
    Contains information and statistics on topics related to space exploration, reviewing the history of human attempts to understand outer space, and covering space organizations, the space shuttle program, the International Space Station, robotic missions, Mars, the far planets, and public opinion.
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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing

    by Bodden, Valerie Year Published: 2014
    eBook (available via Ebscohost)
    This title examines an important historic event-the April 15, 2013, bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts. Easy-to-read, compelling text explores the men behind the bombing, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the emergency response to the attack, how the events were communicated and reported through traditional media and social media, the manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers, and the response of the city of Boston and the nation to the bombing. Also discussed are national security and the prevention of terror attacks, surveillance and other security measures, and immigration reform. Features include a table of contents, glossary, selected bibliography, Web sites, source notes, and an index, plus a timeline and essential facts. 
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  • Chemical and biological warfare : a reference handbook

    by Mauroni, Al Year Published: 2007
    Call Number: REF 358 MAU
    Discusses the history of biological and chemical warfare and presents a chronology, biographical sketches, case studies, a directory of organizations, and lists of print and nonprint resources. 
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  • World Poverty

    by 362.5 DZI Year Published: 2007
    Contains information and statistics on topics related to world poverty, providing a definition of poverty, and covering its types, causes, consequences, and efforts to find remedies.
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  • Debates on U.S. immigration

    by Gans, Judith Year Published:
    eBook (available via Ebscohost) 
    Aims to keep students, researchers, and other interested readers informed and up-to-date on the status of U.S. immigration policy. Provides introductory essays followed by point/counterpoint articles to explore prominent and perennially important debates, providing readers with views on multiple sides of this complex issue. 
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  • Terror on the seas : true tales of modern-day pirates

    by Sekulich, Daniel Year Published: 2009
    Call Number: 910.45 SEK 
    Discusses the multinational, multibillion dollar enterprise of high seas piracy--run by crime syndicates and warlords--examining the threat it poses to the environment, civilians, and both national and international security.

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  • The flooded earth : our future in a world without ice caps

    by Ward, Peter Year Published: 2010
    Call Number: 363.34 WAR
    Argues that a rise in sea level will be the most dramatic effect of global warming, discussing the potential for flooding of coastal cities and countries, destruction of agricultural land, and hazardous sea conditions due to icebergs 
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