• dig into reading


    The overall goals for our literacy class are to improve reading comprehension skills utilizing strategies to enhance independent reading and sustained reading, answer critical thinking and short answers completely, and improve writing skills while working through the writing process.


    We will be using the Holt McDougal textbook along with other adapted materials, such as Evan Moor's Daily Language Review and Daily Reading Comprehension. During our Daily Language Review students will focus on the following skills: sentence editing, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension skills. The Daily Reading Comprehension focuses on theme, characters, setting, main idea vs. supporting details and non fiction text. 


    Each marking period students will be expected to complete an independent reading assignment as well as a specified project. In addition to the independent reading, we will be reading at least three novels in classes throughout the year. 







    Students will have access to chrome books to complete various assignments and will be given a google account that will enable them to utilize several resources including Co-Writer, Select and Speak, Readability, and Speak It. These invaluable resources will aid our students in the writing process.