• Science class grading policy is as follows:

    • 50% Assessments - 
    • 30% Classwork and Participation - includes in-class work, group work, and labs.
    • 20% Homework


    Homework Policy

    There will be occasional homework in this class and you will be expected to complete it to the best of your ability and hand it in on time.  Grading will be as follows:

    • Complete and on time is 100%, but I reserve the right to take off points for incomplete work.
    • One day late will result in 50%. This option will not always be available though.  If we are going over the answers in class, no credit will be given.
    • After 1 day, homework will not be accepted.

    The point of homework is to reinforce what we do in the classroom. I get that not all homework will be perfect, but I expect your best effort.  I also understand things come up in life, so if there is an issue please see me after class and we can discuss it.


    Absence Policy

    If you miss a class for any reason, here’s what to do:

    • Ask me ASAP what was missed. I will give you any necessary hard copies of the papers you need, and I will chat with you about when to make up any missed tests, quizzes, or lessons.
    • Turn in any projects or assignments due on the day(s) you were absent.
    • Do not take digital quizzes at home on days you are absent unless I give you permission.
    • Do not rely on friends. They might forget essential details.
    • As per school policy, you have one day to make up assignments or assessments for each day you are absent.