• In my Literacy class, you will be expected to bring a book of your choice to read in class every day during SSR (Sustained Silent Reading). It is your responsibility to not only remember to bring this book to class, but also something to write with, post-it notes, your notebook and folder, failure to do so will result in being marked unprepared for class.  As you get to the end of your independent reading book, during homeroom, you should check out another book you would like to read. The purpose is to not come to class without a book to read. 


    It is your responsibility to hand in your assignments when they are due and it is your responsibility to pick up your absent work and hand it in by the due date.  It is your responsibility to check Genesis on a regular basis to see what your grade is and if you have missed any assignments.

    You are expected to work well with partners and in groups and always try your best.  You are also expected to follow the classroom and school rules and to please let me know when you don't understand something!