• hello fifth grade

    To my Fifth Grade Class and Parents, 

    This year was quite a unique one, but one we will certainly remember. It was a year filled with laughter and memories we will cherish. I have watched you grow in many ways and I cannot be more proud of you. I cannot thank your parents enough for the support throughout the year. The hardwork that you and your child have done throughout this year has not been unnoticed. I will miss you and I know you will shine bright in middle school. While the school year is done, it does not mean that you can't keep practicing. Practicing your math facts on xtramath or flashcards is an easy way to keep those up. The step up lessons to 6th grade will be available through Google Classroom throughout the summer. Reading throughout the summer is also something that can help. Here is a suggested reading list.  


    Have a wonderful summer! You earned it!

     schools out

    Thank you for everything!

    Miss Kudrick