Dear Parents,
    We are writing on behalf of the Switlik PTN to request a donation for our Pocketbook Bingo scheduled for March 15, 2019. We are expecting 200 people at this event. The event proceeds will help the PTN continue to offer class trips, assemblies and additional learning materials to our students.
    We would greatly appreciate any donation you can make. We are currently asking for donations to purchase some beautiful pocketbooks and accessories to be won at this event. Any amount collected will help ensure the success of this fundraiser. We would also love the support of any business you think may be interested in supporting our school with a monetary donation. Donations are tax deductible and we can provide you with a letter for tax purposes upon request.
    Please send your donation in an envelope labeled “PTN - Pocketbook Bingo” to school with your child and include your child's name and teacher's name on the envelope. We would like to collect all donations by Wednesday, November 21, 2018. You can also donate through our Switlik Swag Shop and Reservation Store with a credit card:
    If you are interested in helping to plan this event, we are looking to form a committee, so please send an email and let us know. 
    If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me at coleen.sgammato@gmail.com or Samantha Marley at samanthamptn@outlook.com. Thank you so much for your support!
    Coleen Sgammato and Samantha Marley






    Welcome to our Fourth Grade Class, Room 18!

    Our class page will communicate what is happening in our room, so make sure to check back frequently.  I like to use this page to keep you updated on what we are working on in each subject and unit. Also, I use the REMIND text system which I will be sending home the link where you can join our class. Communication will help us all have a successful school year!


    REMIND TEXT SYSTEM LINK: remind.com/join/mrsvlahos





    UNIT 2 Nonfiction Unit- Weather




    UNIT 2 Opinion Writing





    Lesson 4. 6 Use the distributive property and an area model to multiply two 2 digit numbers

    Lesson 4.7  Use partial products to multiply 2-digit numbers

    Lesson 4.8 Multiply 2-digit numbers by multiples of 10

    Lesson 4.9 Multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers

    Lesson 4.10 Continue to multiple by 2-digit numbers

    Lesson 4.11 Math Practices and Problem Solving: Make Sense and Persevere



     We are currently in Science.


    *Please refer to our class calendar for upcoming events*




    Our school is working towards to being a more caring and respectful environment. The philosophy is simple and is this- imagine everyone is born with an invisible bucket.  The bucket represents a person's mental and emotional health.  You can't see the bucket, but it's there and it is our responsibility to fill that bucket.  When you say nice things, show respect, act in kindness, you are filling each other's buckets and, in turn, filling your OWN bucket.

     Switlik Elementary School is working towards keeping our buckets full EVERY DAY, thus resulting in individuals who feel healthy mentally, emotionally, and socially.


    Bucket Fillers for the 2018-2019 School Year 

    September: William Webb

    October: Brandon Wilson, Alexandria Capizzano











    Monday- Gym

    Tuesday- Computers

    Wednesday- Music

    Thursday- Art

    Friday- World Language 


     Lunch is scheduled from 1:00-1:30.  We will be having a working snack around 10:30  Water bottles are permitted in the classroom and held in our water basket. Bottles will not be permitted on the desks as they become a hazard when we have our chrome books out.