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    Valentine's Exchange February 14th

    100th/1,000th Day for 5th grade students, February 14th

    School Closed February 16th and February 19th




    Lunch: 1:05-1:35
    Working Snack: 11:20
    Monday: Media
    Tuesday: Music
    Wednesday: Gym
    Thursday: Computers
    Friday: Art
    Parents/Guardians please join our Remind Text System.


    • Please make sure to label everything that comes in, from water bottles to even sweatshirt/jackets. 
    • Children are to bring a CHARGED chromebook to school everyday.  Please make sure these are fully charged before coming to school each morning
    • Water bottles are allowed in class. There will be a special place for students to store.

    Birthday Party Policy

    Birthdays will be celebrated at lunchtime in the cafeteria.  To be sensitive to allergy concerns, non-edible items (e.g. toys, stickers, pencils) are strongly encouraged for these celebrations so that all children can participate in the celebration.
    If you choose to send in a snack, consider a healthy snack. Also please note that all items sent must be in individually wrapped, pre-packaged portions so that the child can easily distribute to classmates. Ice-cream cakes and whole cakes cannot be accommodated by the food service staff.  You can deliver your item and/or treat to the receptionist or send it with the birthday child.  Visitors are not permitted in the cafeteria.  Birthday and/or Party invitations are not handed out in school, under any circumstances.   However, parents are invited to join the class “party list” which will be distributed to parents that join the list.  


    TOPIC 7: Adding/Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators



    Module 4 Week 3


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    Unit 2: Westward Expansion




     Our school is working towards being a more caring and respectful environment. The philosophy is simple and is this-imagine everyone is born with an invisible bucket.  The bucket represents a person's mental and emotional health.  You can't see the bucket, but it's there, and it is our responsibility to fill that bucket.  When you say nice things, show respect, act in kindness, you are filling each other's buckets and, in turn, filling your OWN bucket.

     Switlik Elementary School is working towards keeping our buckets full EVERY DAY, thus resulting in individuals who feel healthy mentally, emotionally, and socially.



  •   Lunch is scheduled from 1:05-1:35

    Field Trip Bag Lunches | Food Services

    It is recommended to have a bag lunch each day. If a student plans to purchase lunch, we suggest have the money loaded onto the lunch account. 









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