WELCOME TO 3rd Grade! 
    Teacher Email: tfisher@jacksonsd.org 
    Hello! Welcome to 3rd grade! This year I am working with Miss Scrofani in Room 3. Please check out her class page as well. 






    Monday:  Gym- Mr. Hamdi

    Tuesday: Media- Mrs. Brenner

    Wednesday: Music- Mr. Morgan

    Thursday: Technology- Mr. Autenrieth

    Friday: Art- Mrs. Quick


    When using Raz-kids.com, students should first listen to the story,
     then read the story and take the quiz.
    At least 3 stories should be completed at home weekly. 
    If the student gets a question wrong on the quiz, they should go back into the story and look for the answer, not just guess again and again until they get it correct. 
    In 3rd grade, we will begin understanding multiplication and division. We will have  fast fact quizzes on addition and multiplication. We will also begin working more in depth with word problems, fractions, and adding/subtracting greater numbers. 
    Each student will have an Xtramath.org log in. This is great practice for math facts.